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Open Links in a New Window

Opening a link in a new window is a common technique used with websites.

By opening the link in a new window, the website visitor can visit one of your links without truly leaving your site.

The technique is quite simple.

Here's the HTML code to open a link in a new window:

<a href="images/blue-field.jpg" target="_blank">Open New Window Link</a>

Try this: Open New Window Link

By using _blank in the HTML code, you will ensure that a new browser window will be opened each time the link is pressed.

Your link can open a new webpage to display an image file (like the example) or another webpage; just make sure to replace the link for blue-field.jpg with your own relative link or URL.

A Note About The W3C Standards

target="_blank" is not part of the W3C Strict standard. If you wish to use target="_blank", make sure you change your Doctype to Transitional.

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