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Ever found a cool website?

Wished you had a way to remember where it was without writing it down?

Guess what? You can put a bookmark on the Internet as easily as you put one in a book. You can even bookmark as many websites as you want; there's no limit.

Your list of bookmarks is called your favorites; as in your favorite places to visit on the Internet. So when you wish to bookmark a page on the Internet, you add it to your favorites.

Please Note: This task has several steps that can be completed either by using the keyboard (Option 1) or using your mouse (Option 2). You will only need to complete either Option 1 or Option 2, but not both.

Here's how we do that...

While the page you wish to save is showing on your screen;

(Complete either Option 1 or Option 2)

Option 1: press the ALT key; don't let go; and press the A key; now let both keys go.

Option 2: Using you mouse, move the arrow to the top of the screen where it says Favorites. When the arrow is on the word Favorites click the mouse.

This will cause the Favorites menu to appear.

At this point you should now see a 2-part list called a menu. The top section of the list contains commands used to manage your list of bookmarks. The remaining items are favorite websites that have already been bookmarked on your computer.

Your favorites will probably already have some entries. This is because most computer companies will add some bookmarks to websites they think you might find useful as a new computer user. Ignore them for now.

Near the top of the list should be Add to Favorites.

(Complete either Option 1 or Option 2)

Option 1: Press the A key.

Option 2: Use your mouse to position the arrow over the words Add to Favorites and click the mouse.

A box or window should have appeared on your screen. This is called the Add Favorite dialog box. (Notice the words Add Favorite along the top. This area is called the title bar.)

If you have changed your mind and do not wish to save the page after all, use your mouse to position the arrow over the button marked Cancel and click your mouse. This will cause the Add Favorite dialog box to disappear/close and the page not to be saved in your favorites list.

Give your bookmark a name to remember

Notice that the name of the page you wished to save is already displayed in the line labeled Name. This is the name that the person who created that page uses to refer to that page. You can use this for the name of your bookmark or you can name your bookmark something else.

To use the current name...

If you wish to use that name and not one of your own, use your mouse to position the arrow over the button marked OK and click your mouse. You have now saved your first bookmark!

To create your own name...

If you wish to name your bookmark something else, you can do either of the following; however, I think Option 1 is easier.

(Complete either Option 1 or Option 2)

Option 1: Tap the N key once. That should cause the title already listed to appear in white letters on a dark background. This is called text highlighting. Begin typing the name of your new bookmark you should see all of the highlighted text disappear and be replaced by what you type. Type in the name you wish to use for this bookmark and when you are satisfied with the name, press the Enter key.

Option 2: Use your mouse to position the arrow in the white box where the current title is displayed and click. Look closely and you should see a small line that is blinking where the arrow was pointing when you clicked. If you don't see the line, try again. Now using the Delete and Backspace keys delete the existing name. Once the old name is gone, type in your new name and press the Enter key.

As soon as you pressed the Enter key the Add Favorite dialog box should have disappeared/closed.

Congratulations, you saved your first bookmark!

Want to see your bookmark or another one in action? I do.

Remember how you brought up the Favorites menu?

The very last item on the list should be your new bookmark! Here comes the easy part.

The next time you wish to visit any of the bookmarked pages in your favorites list, just bring up the Favorites menu and do the following:

Use the mouse to position the arrow to highlight the bookmark you wish to use.

You should be able to figure out that the bookmark that is highlighted is the one that appears in white lettering on a blue background.

Once the page you wish to visit is highlighted, click the mouse. The Favorites menu should disappear or close and the page you selected should begin to appear on your screen.

There are things you can do to organize your bookmarks, but we will save that for another time. In the meantime, pat yourself on the back for learning a new trick on your computer today.

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