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Usability of websites is something that is often overlooked in lieu of stylized design. This is typically a mistake of new web designers and others who give little regard to their visitors. The topics discussed here are many of the areas where a few changes can vastly improve the usability of a website. When appropriate, links are included to How To's on implimenting the suggestions made here.

Website Usability Defined
Website usability, a discussion on what it is, why it is important and why every webmaster needs to consider usability before writing the first line of code.
Picture Resizing with HTML
Learn why using HTML to resize picture impact your site's usability and can cause your page to take a long time to load.
5 Reasons Not to Use PDFs on Websites
Using a PDF to display content can be a sure way to encourage website visitors to leave your website.
Usability and Link Text Appearance
A discussion on using link text changes to indicate a visited link and increase your site's usability.
Learn why you need a sitemap.
Sitemaps can help with search engine optimization, but they also make it easier for visitors to navigate your website.