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MySpace Profile from the Beginning

New Account - Blank Slate

So many folks that have MySpace accounts have visited Help For Web Beginners to learn how to create Marquees. When I started looking at other sites to help MySpace members jazz up their profile pages, none seemed to explain how to get started. So, here I am, a non-typical MySpace user, setting up my profile and documenting how I did each step to teach others.

I plan to start at the beginning and will show what I did to make my MySpace profile look similar to Help For Web Beginners. After creating my account, my MySpace page looked pretty plain and boring.

default MySpace profile page

How to Edit MySpace Profiles

This may be the trickiest part and the one that seems to be like finding a needle in a haystack - where do people put their page formatting?

  1. Log into your MySpace Account.
  2. Go to Edit Profile.
  3. Go to the About Me section.

This is where the fun and creativity starts!

MySpace Profile Editing

MySpace Text - change the color of the text on your MySpace profile.

Colored Scrollbars - make the scrollbars any colors you want to match the rest of your MySpace profile.

Changing the background of your page - one of the easiest and quickest things to change on your MySpace profile.

Image Backgrounds for MySpace - use an image as a background for your MySpace profile page.

Borders and Alignments for MySpace - adding a border to the sides of the main content area also requires changing the width of the 2 main navigation areas.

Image Across MySpace Pages - how to put an image or marquee across your MySpace page.

As I get them written I will be adding more tutorials on how to update your MySpace profiles and make them unique.

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