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MySpace - Letter Appearance

If only we could make a blanket statement and magically change all the letters on our MySpace profiles at once like we can with a traditional webpage. Since that is not the case, we'll have to figure out the various codes and definitions that control the text colors.

Changing text on MySpace is done pretty much the same way as with any other webpage. Keeping in mind that MySpace does not use the pound sign (#) when declaring colors, the code we need will look like the following:

.orangetext15 {color:FFFF66; font-family: serif; font-size: 14px;}

For this example, I also added a change to the font-family (serif looks like the letters in the example). The font-size declaration should be fairly self-explanatory.

Keep in mind changing the font-family and/or the font-size may cause some text to be too large for the space allocated to it. You could try to figure out what table is impacted and resize it, but a safer solution is to only make changes that fit in the assigned space.

Due to how MySpace has named the various sections of the profile pages, it is easiest to change the colors before you make any major changes to your profile. The following table will help you determine how to change the most of the text appearing on your MySpace profile pages.

Original Color of Text Value/Name to Change What text items are controlled by this value...
Black p Warning text about submitting MySpace username and password into 3rd party forms and any text you enter using paragraph tags for spacing - one common area is to extend favorites to include several paragraphs; i.e. under Music one could identify Bands, Solo Musicians, Singers, etc. (See Tom's profile to see what I mean.)
Bold Black strong Warning text about submitting MySpace username and password into 3rd party forms. Could also be used to emphasize any text you enter into your profile sections.
Bold Black .btext "(profile name's) Latest Blog Entry" and "(profile name) has XX Friends"
Black .text stats that appear next to profile picture and contact information
Black .nametext Your name that appears above your profile picture.
Black .blacktext10 Date and time of comments made by friends
Black .blacktext12 _____ is in your extended network
Lightish blue .lightbluetext8 Category headings for Interests
Category headings for Details
Dark Grey .txtDkGrey Friend names above their profile pictures in comments section
Orange .orangetext15 Under blog entries: (profile name) Blurbs, About me:, Who I'd like to meet:, (profile name's) Friend Space

(profile name's) Friends Comments
Red .redtext in the comments section "Displaying X of Y Comments" both X and Y
Bolded Red .redbtext The number that shows how many friends you have
White .whitetext12 Contacting (profilename), (profile name's) Interests, and (profile name's) Details

All MySpace Text

There are many more text declarations in the style sheets that control a MySpace profile page. I've endeavored to identify the main ones that most people would want to change. If you need to find a specific item that I have not covered you might be able to find it with a little sleuthing. This technique is suggested for those of you with some programming and CSS knowledge as it might be tricky to find - the good news is that you can't break anything.

  1. Bring up your profile page.
  2. Using your web browser's View Menu, view the source code of the page.
  3. Find the text you would like changed and look for something like <span class="_____"> before the text. The value in the quotes is the information you need.
  4. Hopefully, you will simply need to add a style statement to your profile. Be careful as these settings are global and will impact every item controlled by that style.
  5. If the wrong thing changes, simply delete the style definition.
  6. If your changes make the item too big or too small for the space allocated to it, simply make the appropriate changes and try again. Again, don't forget that many of these styles are used in multiple places on your profile.

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