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MySpace Changing The Background

Backgrounds from Scratch

I plan to start at the beginning and will show what I did to make my MySpace profile look similar to Help For Web Beginners. After creating my account, my MySpace page looked pretty plain and boring.

How to Edit MySpace Profiles

This may be the trickiest part and the one that seems to be like finding a needle in a haystack - where do people put their page formatting?

  1. Log into your MySpace Account.
  2. Go to Edit Profile.
  3. Go to the About Me section.

This is where the fun and creativity starts!

Setting a MySpace Background

In the About Me section of your profile, you are going to add some HTML and CSS code to tell what color you would like your background to be.

Since I am making the page look similar to Help For Web Beginners, my background color will be dark gray or HEX code 333333.

Unlike most other web programming, MySpace profiles do not use the pound sign (#) in their coding. Either use hex codes that only include capital letters (A-F), numbers (0-9), or specific color names (white, red, black, etc.).

CSS Style Declaration

Whether setting how something looks for a MySpace profile or for any other webpage, the most common way is to use CSS and style sheets. While MySpace profile pages do use external style sheets, members do not have access to those files and must declare their style settings from within the About Me section of their profile.

The following is an example of how to make the background of the entire page be dark gray (Hex code 333333).


Now my profile page has a different background (on the sides anyway). It now looks like this:

In actuality, the coding we just did made the entire page have a dark gray background. The reason it does not appear that way is because the information in the center of the page appears on top of the background and the color setting for those sections of the page over-ride the setting for the main/body of the page. We will see a bit later how to ensure that the background shows through where we want it to.

Page 2 - Images for MySpace Backgrounds.

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