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Help For Web Beginners

New to Internet Surfing?

I remember how confusing it was when I first began using the Internet. The World Wide Web was quite new and things were changing so quickly that everyday brought something new and exciting.

Things have slowed down some, but everyday can still bring something new.

The How To's

The How To's listed below should be helpful to clear up some of the mysteries of using the Internet.

They are listed in no particular order. Some may be longer and contain pictures and therefore may take a moment or two to fully display.

Remember: to access one of the How To's, use your mouse to position the arrow over the title of the How To and click your mouse.

Why does the back button not work?
Some websites cause the back button to not work. This How To explains how to go back to a previsouly viewed page.
How to save a Bookmark or Favorite
Ever wished you could just put a bookmark on the Internet as easily as you put one in a book? You can and I promise, it's not even hard. This How To explains how.
How to Navigate a Website with Frames
This How To explains why the arrow keys do not work on some webpages. If you find a webpage that will not display all of the information, this How To may help you.
How To Change How Letters Appear on the Screen
This How To explains how a website visitor can increase or decrease the size of the lettering on the screen.
Scrolling & Viewing More
This How To explains what scrollbars are and how to use them to view information that extends beyond the edges of the screen.